Pastoral Letters



We all go through many changes in our lives and the Church is no different.

Numbers of people in the Church Directory when we came to Leamington 9 years ago are about the same but over a third of the names are different!

When we feel it is right to step down from activities or an activity or organisation comes to an end I believe it is important that we always ask the Question: “What Next?” For as our Motto Text says:


The verse is set in the period when God’s People were in Exile/Captivity in Babylon. God’s word promises and prophesises that the time is coming when they will be delivered and return home. Chapter 43 reminds them of God’s previous deliverance of His People notably from Egypt using the pictures and language of water. It also more than hints about the future coming of the Messiah.

We also believe that the Bible has something to say to us and our own totally different circumstances of those days. These principles main the same:

LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENING: “See I am DOING a new thing.” Not I have done or I will do, although that goes without saying. God says He’s DOING it here and now. It’s about His continuous work. In your busy life and perhaps activity in parts of the Church Life take time to find out what else is happening at LSBC and in our Town, in our nation and in the world. See the new thing that God is doing.

LISTEN TO WHAT YOU ARE HEARING: “This is what God says….” There’s a world of difference between hearing and doing. The latter comes when we do more than hear, we listen to what God is saying rather than thinking that our views and opinions should be the only ones that matter. Spend time with God’s Word and listen to Him.

LOVE WHO YOU ARE HONOURING: “Your Sacrifices do not honour me.” In contrast to the beasts who honour God, says Isaiah. It’s about giving our best for God. Second best will NOT do in whatever you are doing for God. Do not simply honour God from afar. If you are in Christ, you are a new creation. That’s how much He loved you in Christ. So tell God you love HIM and live your life for HIM.

As we discover the NEW Thing that God is doing amongst us, might we also ask HIM what new thing He wants to do in us and what new thing He wants us to do for HIM.

Rev. Anthony Orr