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Holiday Club Report 2018  - Ready, Steady, Go!  We’re Going on a Journey!

From August 30th to September 1st the church sanctuary was transformed into a welcoming space for our primary school-age holiday club children.  Here you can see them being introduced to the memory verse activity on the second day.  The children had been worn out from games in the hall so were happy to sit and listen!  The memory verse was: Jesus said, “I am with you always,” Matt 28:20.

Over the three days we looked at journeys Jesus went on (The Calming of the Storm and on the Road to Emmaus) and at the advice He gave for our life’s journey (the Wise and Foolish Builders).  It was great to have the majority of children coming along for all three mornings to have fun and find out that Jesus loves us and we can build our lives on Him.

A highlight was how well the children listened and took in the Bible stories and what they mean.  They threw themselves into the crafts and games, making boats, decorating canvas bags ready for a journey and having a great time building on sand, followed by a watery end!  They were keen singers as well, led by our music team, and thoroughly enjoyed the holiday club song, “Going on a Journey” by Stephanie Reynolds.

On the Saturday – our building day – we were joined by parents, carers and families for the final half-hour and they happily got stuck into our Building Challenge using only newspaper and sticky tape.  The winning, tallest tower was on display at the Sunday service next day where a fourth journey was the theme – that of Saul/Paul on the road to Damascus.

There were over 30 people involved in the holiday club team: prayer partners, artists and take-home-gifts makers, refreshments servers (the 8.30am cup of tea was nectar!), a team devotions leader, musicians, story tellers, group leaders, craft and games leaders, welcomers on reception, publicity and security people, administrators for paper and website/Facebook tasks, and a genius projector and sound operator!  We were very grateful to be able to use the Sanctuary throughout the event so many thanks go to our friends from Time for God who used the Warwick Room on this occasion! 

We praise God for all the children who came along.  Please join us in praying for them – now they are back at school and working through a busy term – that they will remember what Jesus did and taught, and take Him who promises to be with us always on their own life’s journey.

Laura Kisby

Baptist Assembely 2018

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