Power of Prayer

As a church we pray in all that we do.

What is prayer?
Prayer is listening to and talking with God. It is about an ever deepening relationship with God.

Why do we pray?
God has taught us to pray in the Bible. Prayer is an important part of a Christian's life enabling us to get closer to God, and to find a greater sense of God's purposes for our lives. Many exciting things have happened in churches and communities when prayer has been central.

How do we pray?
As a child you may have been taught to close your eyes and put your hands together but these are not essential. The beauty of prayer is that you can do it any place at any time. Written prayers can be used, prayer in Baptist churches is often spontaneous. Prayers can be said out loud or silently.

Prayers can have many aspects but these are the most common:



Praising God for who he is.  
  Confession. Asking forgiveness for the wrong things we have done and the right things we have failed to do. Recognising the collective failures in our world.  
  Thanksgiving. Expressing gratitude for the many good gifts that we receive each day that sustain and enrich our lives.  
  Supplication. Praying for others, for our nation, for other countries and for ourselves that God may guide and lead.  



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