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Living by faith
Habakkuk 2:1–5 When all you see around is trouble, the righteous woman or man remembers that God is still on the throne, that his voice still created the universe, that Jesus is still Lord, and that his purposes are still for good and cannot be thwarted.
Date Recorded: 02/05/2021

Vessels of grace
Habakkuk 1:12–2:1; cf. Luke 5:1–11. Like Habakkuk, we are often called to watch and wait to see what God is doing, to hear what he is saying. But our place is not Habakkuk’s place. Our place is not on the ramparts, but out there in the thick of life, out there bobbing on the ocean being vessels of grace. With apologies for the video quality; we are working on our live stream.
Date Recorded: 25/04/2021

How long, O Lord?
Habakkuk 1:1–11. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, but he is patient. Our God is a good God, and a faithful God, and a just God. He sees the issues you and I wrestle with. He sees the pain. He sees the injustice and violence. None of those will have the last word. With apologies for the video quality; we are working on our live stream.
Date Recorded: 18/04/2021

The eye of the needle
Mark 10:17-27 Giving Sunday. We think about our response to God's generosity - and the challenge Jesus put to the rich young ruler. With apologies for the video quality; we are working on our live stream.
Date Recorded: 11/04/2021

Everything has changed
Mark 16:1-8 Easter Sunday service.
Date Recorded: 04/04/2021

Gift - Guide - Guard
Exodus 20:1-20. Palm Sunday service with David Dean.
Date Recorded: 28/03/2021

Sharing Christ with a Christless Culture
Acts 17:16–34. Paul’s speech at the Areopagus is an interesting case study in building a bridge from the culture to Christ. What are the bridges in our own day? What are the connection points that help us to communicate timeless truths to our particular time and place?
Date Recorded: 21/03/2021

Dare to fail
Acts 13:13; 15:36-40. The road to success often passes through several pit stops of failure. Kingdom work can be tough, there is setback and sometimes conflict---but we serve a God who delights in exalting the humble.
Date Recorded: 14/03/2021

The Priority of Praying Together
Acts 12:1–19. When the church prays, the power of God is unleashed—notice how in this story, with great irony, even that first century church failed to anticipate that the Almighty might answer prayers beyond all expectation!
Date Recorded: 07/03/2021

A winning witness
Acts 4:23-35. God calls every follower of Christ to bear witness to his Kingdom in a lost and dying world—by any and every means. The way we live speaks at least as loudly as the words we use. It is rooted in scripture, embodied with condence, and lived in compassion. “Love draws lost souls to Christ, and love drives Christians to lost souls.”
Date Recorded: 28/02/2021