From the Minister

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year Everyone and Thank You for your cards and Gifts over the Christmas Season.

Our Motto text is 1 Kings 19:12


The Context being Elijah’s flight after the Victory over the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel and the subsequent threat to his life from the wicked Queen Jezebel.

Elijah being an energetic and passionate man ran into the wilderness, countryside he was familiar with and away from the dangers. I have described him as the Old Testament’s Bear Grylls.

He was now away from the crowds and the stresses which his Prophetic Ministry brought upon himself and He had Time with God alone.

I shared in the first Morning Service of 2019 my experience of learning Road Safety and some of the ways that have evolved since. Using a formula that our children grew up with I sought to apply those 4 Words to Elijah and our own walk with God as a Church Community and in our personal life.

STOP! There came a time when Elijah needed to stop and Be Still in the presence of God and hear what He had to say. This is vital for every area of our lives. The daily Quiet Time in various forms has been a beneficial discipline for many generations of Christians.

LOOK! Taking the Refreshment and Rest which is supplied to us. Our physical needs are of importance remembering that our bodies are “temples of the Holy Spirit.”

LISTEN:  Having embarked upon a physical journey and sheltered in a cave the Lord calls Elijah outside to witness an Earthquake, ferocious wind and Fire. Powerful Elements and although Elijah has experienced God in the dramatic in the past that was not the case at that point. After the Fire there is a GENTLE WHISPER or as we sometimes sing a “Still Small Voice of Calm.” Elijah is overcome with the presence of God but still holding onto his feelings of being overwhelmed by circumstances and lack of help.

LIVE:  But now having experienced God’s voice he is ready and energised for fresh service. To anoint new leaders notably his own apprentice and successor, Elisha and given the vision that there are 7,000 other people on his side and more importantly faithful to God. Where have this been up until now. If they represent us as the faithful people of God then perhaps a Call for them and us to Step Up in God’s Service.

“There is a work for God that no one else can do.” The key to this is that we Stop and Look and Listen to God so that He will direct us in His Service as we seek to Live for Him.

Your Friend and Pastor,

Anthony Orr

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