July & August

Dear Friends,

As I am writing a New Film, which my family are eagerly awaiting, is about to hit the Big Screens: “Incredibles 2.”

The first Incredibles Movie came out in 2004 and over the years many people have been wondering when there would be a Sequel. The problem being that this Pixar Movie was too good and we know that in order for a Sequel to be counted a success it needs to be even better than the original. The Parr family take to the screens again with their super powers saving the world once more and no doubt we will discover that the youngest member, Jack Jack also has incredible powers which we caught a glimpse of towards the end of the first film.

By the time you read this Article we will see them used in our Family Day All Age Morning Service. Back in Christmas 2004 I remember using them in various settings like School assemblies and Christmas Eve Family Services and recall a very creative Poster that a member of my previous Church produced to publicize our Christmas Services.

How can you follow “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” The Events of the Historical Jesus portrayed in 4 Gospel Accounts. Surely anything that follows the uniqueness of Jesus is going to pale into insignificance. What could His followers do that would come within a fraction of their Lord’s Life and Ministry.

Luke, inspired by the Holy Spirit produces a real swashbuckling classic of a sequel. The Book of Acts. The story of the early Church which some thought would fizzle out once their leader had gone. Of course he hadn’t! Yes although He rose from death He returned to His home in heaven 40 days later but He and His Father send them the Gift of the Holy Spirit who has enabled the work of Jesus to continue and grow for more than the 2,000 years that have followed. Acts is an Incredible Story of incredible things that the followers of Jesus did.

They did NOT do it because they were the kind of Supers which the fictional Incredibles are in the fun loving films. Quite the opposite they were ordinary, fallible people who often got things wrong. What made them different was the Power of the Holy Spirit who transformed their lives and prayers and enabled them to continue the Incredible work of Jesus here on earth.

The same can be said of us. Our resources and skills are very limited and yet when we come together as Church (Christian Community) and experience the Power of Prayer in the Spirit we will see God doing Incredible Things both small and sometimes great.

Enjoy the Film but also be part of the continuing sequel of the ministry of Jesus by being part of His People.

Your Friend and Pastor,

Anthony Orr

Leamington Spa Baptist Church
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