Dear Friends,

By now we should have hit the “Summer Programme” even if it doesn’t always seem to be the Summer Season. During our first year in Leamington someone remarked that Christmas and Easter were busy times in the life of the Church but the Summer was more relaxed before we come to Harvest!

I think it would be fair to say that has changed a little over the past 10 and a half years and I make no apology for it. Every Season is different and has its unique features and challenges. Of course for many Summer is partly about Holidays. A time also to enjoy times of refreshment as a number of our regular activities are able to rest along with its leaders.

It is also an opportunity to do new things or even old things differently. We gather with other Christians in the Town for a Big Event: “Praise In The Park.”(3rd June) This is followed by 4 Open Air Services on Christchurch Gardens at 4pm on Sunday Afternoons for 30 minutes of Christian Worship and Witness.(10th, 17th, 24th June, 1st July) Including the Proclamation of the Good News of Jesus. Over the years our numbers have varied, but seldom have we been less than 50 people (the number I consider a minimum for this Witness) Often other people have joined us or stopped for a while and those enjoying a quiet afternoon in the Park or playing Tennis have listened in. There have been plenty of conversations afterwards and sometimes people have joined us back at the Church Building for Tea.   
The Boys’ Brigade, Girls’ association will have their first Awards Evening as a new venture (15th June). What an encouragement it would be for them to have numerous people from the Church taking time to see them and what an encouragement it would be for those who do come to see that our Church does have lots of young people and families.

Our 11th Family Sunday will take place on 24th June with all of our young people’s groups taking part in the Morning Service, as we also share a variety of activities and food afterwards.

Speaking of food we also have a Strawberry Tea the following Saturday (30th June) with a Mission emphasis as each Tea will meet the cost of a Box for Operation Christmas Child.

For the second summer we are also holding a Food 4 Thought Evening (7th July) when Anne Le Tissier a notable Christian writer and speaker will be with us. An opportunity to bring friends to hear her.

Little Stars come into Time For God to sing and receive their Books, before breaking up and for many a time of moving on to school.

Following a quieter time for most of August we will hold our 11th successive Summer Holiday Club(30, 31 August, 1 September) and a Saturday Youth Event.

There is much going on and much to Pray for. Always the challenge to Service. Sometimes in simply attending or encouraging and supporting those who are actively involved. Could this also be a Summer in which you take a role in one of these exciting Mission opportunities?

Please join us in Prayer for the fruitfulness of our Summer programme of Mission and remember that Jesus said:

Your Friend and Pastor,

Anthony Orr

Leamington Spa Baptist Church
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