Dear Friends,

By now I expect the you will know that after Easter Marianne and I will be moving to the village of Mountsorrel, in Leicestershire where I will be Inducted as Minister of the Baptist Church on Saturday11th May.

This will be a change and a challenge for us all. We have been at LSBC for over 11 years and lived in Warwickshire for over 21 years. It’s easy to be comfortable where you are but as I’ve discovered over the years that the Lord has a way of Calling you in surprising ways. During the summer of 2017 I believed that I needed to be open to the possibility of moving and it became known through our Baptist Regional Ministers that whilst I was not looking to move I was open to the possibility. By the time we had got to September 2018 I was about to think that the Lord had closed the door to moving and then I was contacted by Mountsorrel Baptist Church and things began to unfold gently and increasingly in a clear way. When I was called to Leamington from Rugby the Text was clearly given to me:

 “See I have Placed before you an Open Door that no one can shut.”

As I wrestled with my reluctance to move here then, I became aware that this was utterly in God’s hands and I had to follow the door that it became increasingly apparent that he was opening. Whilst these words have continued to speak to me it was the words of this Year’s Motto Text which were given to me this time round:

 “After the Fire there was a Gentle Whisper.”

The still small voice of calm. God speaking not “dramatically” but gently and positively.

Listening to God is of paramount importance. It is Essential. I believe that if it is right for a Minister to move then it is right not only for the Church that called them but also for the Church which has to say: “Goodbye.”

I believe that I will be, God willing, the first “full time” minister that Mounsorrel Baptist Church have called. An enormous privilege and challenge.

I pray that these final weeks amongst will be happy but also challenging as we continue to share God’s Love in His Service and that we may see some clear blessings. Elijah, after he heard the gentle whisper of God was involved in the call of his successor. I will have no such part in mine and nor would I wish to. My hope and prayer is that God will direct you as a Church family to seek His will and discover who the person or people who He is Calling to minister at LSBC.

Our Prayers for you Always.

Your Friend and Pastor,

Anthony Orr

Leamington Spa Baptist Church
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