Dear Friends,

This Easter we have concentrated on Luke’s Gospel’s Account of the Events. After the excitement and bewilderment of the women finding the Tomb empty we read about the two friends who meet Jesus on the Emmaus Room and do not recognise Him until they invite into their home and He Breaks The Bread. Upon His disappearance they race back the 7 miles to Jerusalem to tell the others and as they are all busy talking, perhaps comparing experiences and strange reports Jesus appears again and says: “PEACE BE WITH YOU.” (LUKE 24:36) Some Scholars question whether these words were in the original Lucan Text seeming to overlook that its in all the original Greek manuscripts except one. Their argument? Its too ordinary and mundane a thing for the Risen Jesus to have said. A mere Conventional every day phrase. The equivalent of our: “Hello” “Good Evening.” “Hope you are Well.”

Yet the significance of this everyday Jewish Greeting that anyone and everyone would say has like everything else been Transformed by Jesus. This is not merely a polite bit of etiquette. It is about what Jesus has done and who Jesus is! This is Jesus who by Faith we are justified and so we are at Peace with God. (giving every Believer Access to the Father by one Spirit. Romans 5:1) This is Jesus who is HIMSELF OUR PEACE having broken down the wall of Hostility between Jew and Gentile and people and God giving us ACCESS to the Father by One Spirit. (Ephesians 2:14-18) This is Jesus who gives us the Peace of God that is beyond understanding, keeping our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus! (Philippians 4:7) Yes this is Jesus who transforms convention and brings us into the Presence of Almighty God.

Much more follows in this Resurrection Meeting. Jesus demonstrates the reality of His Resurrection by showing them His Hands and Feet and eats a piece of fish to assure them He is no Ghost but really ALIVE! Once more He shares with them how His Death and Resurrection fulfils the Old Testament Scriptures and now more hearts are surely burning within them!

Our Catholic Friends share something called: Pax Christi. Its roots being at the end of War in 1945 when the Church sought Peace and Reconciliation between French and German people and over the years this movement has expanded further internationally.

The Resurrected Jesus declared Peace because He Himself is our Peace and He seeks not only that we should be in Right Relationship with each other but also that we can be in Right Relationship with God through HIM.

Your Friend and Pastor,

Anthony Orr

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