Dear Friends,

I’ve recently got back in touch with some old school friends, one of whom was very actively involved in Politics. He explained to me some of the reasons why a number of years ago, he ceased to be involved as a member of his particular Party.

Recent events suggest to me, that both of our major Political Parties are going through difficult times in all sorts of ways. Some suggest that it is to do with ideologies, principles and relationships with different groups in our society. However, I can’t help thinking that a significant amount of our problems are to do with personalities.

The Christian church has also suffered in this way over the centuries. When we consider some of the personalities in the Early Church and the mixture of people in the original disciples of Jesus, it is amazing just how powerfully the Church had moved forward in unity together. One landmark has to be the Council of Jerusalem in Acts 15, when James, and the brother of our Lord, chaired the proceedings as they discussed the whole matter of Gentiles (non Jews) becoming part of the Church.

You can imagine the different thoughts that there were. The Pharisees Party called for Gentile Christians to be circumcised provoked much discussion. Then Peter was on his feet, undoubtedly alluding to his meeting with Cornelius’ household, at which the Holy Spirit was present in Power. He stated the fundamental principles that all of us are saved by the Grace of God. This was followed by Barnabas and Paul Sharing their experiences of work amongst Gentiles. James sums it up with words of the relevant Old Testament Scripture and a wise conclusion that people should not be made to go through lots of hoops in order to be accepted into the fold.

A good decision we say. After all, Jesus Himself commissioned His Apostles to be Witnesses in the widest possible geographical sense – All the Nations are pretty INCLUSIVE!

It is important that we as a Church should make the right decisions together. These should not be left to the few but to the whole family. Membership is a privilege and involves all of us in the decision making of what we do.

Major decisions are made in the world of Politics by fallible people like us, but some will do this without the Grace of God or knowing the love of the personal Savour Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. So we must pray for them.

Your Friend and Pastor,

Anthony Orr

Leamington Spa Baptist Church
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