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A Baptist church is led by a Senior Minister. There maybe other Ministers with different jobs also employed but this depends on the size of the church. There are also Deacons, who often look after the church building and any money that comes into the church from the people who attend (the congregation). There may also be a group of leaders – chosen from the congregation who have the special responsibility of looking after the people in the church and helping them in their Christian life. In most churches these people would be called Elders and their work would be called pastoral care.

People in the congregation may choose to become members. In the Baptist Church it is usual for people to join the church as a member as this gives them a chance to go to the church meeting, where many decisions are made about the life of the church – everyone has the chance to have a say!

In order to become a church member a person must first have a faith in Jesus Christ. Most new members will have been baptised. It is the church members who have the right to choose how the church is run, how it spends its money, how much is pays its Minister(s) and who leads it. ‘Volunteer’ workers such as Elders, Deacons, Sunday School teachers and youth leaders are all elected by the church membership. Members even choose the Minister.

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